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About BOLD 2021

A changing market requires a change in approach. BOLD was created to help you shift your mindset and adopt the tactics and talking points proven to bring success in today’s extraordinary business landscape.


Key Takeaways:

  • A reset of your mindset, ensuring you can help overcome your limiting beliefs and obtain big goals

  • Time-saving strategies and techniques to operate leanly and efficiently

  • Access to proven, timely scripts and the delivery methods that naturally influence people to work with you

  • Guidance on how to mine your database and leverage Command to run a digital-savvy business

  • Best practices for makings calls, setting appointments, and closing contracts RIGHT NOW


BOLD 2021 Scholarship

Sponsored by Michael Flores

The Jag Baichan Memorial Foundation is offering a scholarship for BOLD 2021.  Jag was an amazing leader with a big heart.  He was all about paying it forward to help agents grow their career.  This is your chance to be a part of Jag's legacy.  

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